Phage Wars is a custom built game created by two interns, Joseph and Katie, who worked at Webster Interactive over the summer of 2019. The game’s concept and goals were created by the them and they designed all of the custom graphics and programmed the game using the Phaser 3 engine.

Neither Joseph nor Katie had prior experience in developing games but they had a passion to want to create something that was unique to them. The team at Webster Interactive provided guidance but gave them the freedom to explore the process and learn what would work and what would not. Our only criteria was that the game would be completed by the end of their summer internship.

We are very pleased and impressed with the final result and with Katie and Joseph’s dedication to the project. Take a look for yourself and enjoy playing Phage Wars!

Both Joseph and Katie have completed their freshman year at college in May of 2020. Joseph is majoring in computer science with a focus on game development. Katie is majoring in Physics with a focus on cosmology. 

Given all of the circumstances with COVID-19, Webster Interactive will not be hosting an internship program for the summer of 2020.

We do plan to do an internship program in summer of 2021.